American investment in Portugal more than triples in 2022

According to the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service (SEF), in the first quarter of 2022, the USA passed China as the top country to invest in the Portuguese Golden Visa. With an estimated investment of 25,1 M euros just in the first three months of 2022, Americans are now the number 1 country investing in Portugal.
Compared with the same period of 2021, the American investment more than tripled, representing 52 residential and investment permits. A year ago, Americans had invested 6.8 M euros converted into 13 permits.

India finishes the “podium” in Third place with a total investment of more than 8M euros and 18 permits, which marks the first time the country appears in the Top 5 of this list. In Fourth place, we find Brazil, the South American country had an increase of 1.7% compared with the same period of last year when it was responsible for 11.2M euros and 18 permits, growing to 11.4M euros and 17 permits. Finishing the top 5, South Africa, with an accumulated investment of 7.6M euros and 15 permits.
We can attribute these changes in the top 5 to the fact that, by the order of the Portuguese Government, since February 26th 2022, all the visas for Russian citizens are suspended.
Although there was a decrease in the investment in March 2022, the results in the first quarter of this year, still show an increase in the investment with a total of 124,7 M euros.

Since the beginning of the Golden Visa Program in October 2012, Portugal collected 6.224.560.351,18 euros of investment, translated into 10.515 permits.

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