Americans keep leading the Golden Visa Investment in Portugal in 2022 (due to the devaluation of the EUR vs USD)

Until July, 135 investment temporary residence permits (ARI) had already been granted to US citizens. By the end of 2021, almost seven thousand Americans lived in Portugal.

Citizens of US nationality have been leading the attribution of the so-called golden visas since the beginning of 2022: By July alone, 135 investment temporary residence permits had already been granted – more than the 101 given to US citizens throughout 2021.

Following the U.S, China is the second country with the most ARI awarded since the beginning of 2022, with a total of 115 gold visas. In 2021, there had been a 45% increase in the number of residence permits granted to US citizens when compared to 2020.

According to SEF’s latest Immigration, Borders and Asylum Report, in 2021 – the year in which there was an increase in the foreign resident population for the sixth consecutive year – 865 gold visas were awarded.

At the end of last year, 698,887 foreign citizens held residence permits – numbers that do not only include gold visas -, the highest value recorded by SEF since its creation in 1976. Of these, 6,921 were of American nationality.

With the value of the dollar increasing compared with the Euro, it is expected that the number of U.S. citizens applying for golden visas keeps rising in the next months.

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