Whereas the minimum investment to obtain a Golden Visa in a real estate fund is €1 million, a private equity fund only requires €500k.

Yes, all Equity Funds are supervised by CMVM, the Portuguese Securities Market Commission

Yes, there is a minimum of €2 500 0000 capital to be raised for the fund to be officially launched. The period of subscription is 21 months. Where these two minimum requirements are not complied with, all sums raised will revert to the investors.

 If necessary, the fund is authorized to undertake a maximum bank leverage of 30% of the total asset valuation.

The hotel operation is considered as a more stable operation whereas the residential development carries more risk, although presenting a substantially better return potential for the investor.

If a good opportunity capable of generating a substantial return arises, the fund will be entitled to sell the asset and re-invest in another one which complies with the requirements established by the fund, in order to ensure that the fund’s investment term is of no less than 6-7 years, i.e. the time required for the investor to complete its Golden Visa program.

 When organised with experienced law firms, this process should not take more than 6 months.

 Yes, the annual antecipated dividends (2,5% of investment) will be calculated in accordance with the day in which the investor subscribed the fund.

Anticipated dividend distribution will be made only after the annual accounts are approved by April of the following year. The payments should then be made between May and June as of 2023, referring to the fiscal year of 2022.

Yes, each semester, the Fund manager will present a report about the performance and a detailed description of all assets of the fund.

Yes, each investor is required to pay a €1 000 subscription fee.

The minimum subscription amount is €150 000.

Yes, during the life of the fund the IU´s can be sold to another investor. However, investors shall only receive their share on the capital upon expiry of the investment term of the fund.

 The Fund aims to reach a minimum of 2.5% annual antecipated dividends per year to pay to investors, this being just a target and not a guaranteed return.

Final Free Cash Flow means net results after deduction of all fund fees (including 2,5% of annual target return to subscribers)