Fund team

Experienced team combining a proven track record of fund management, real estate, hotel management, legal & fiscal advisory and corporate finance.

Fund founder

Lynx Assets Managers

Partner of LYNX Asset Managers focusing on the growth strategy since 2007
Coordinator of Mercats SA (2007-2008)
Management advisor of Teixeira Duarte Group (1995-2007)
Private Legal Practice (1980-1999)
João Lino de Castro

39 years of experience in law, real estate investments, M&A and corporate advisory

2008-Present Administrator of MNF Gestão de Activos 2006-2008 Megafin Administrator
2003-2012 MNF Capital Administrator
2003 - 2005 Director of Sociedade Gestora de Patrimônios
1998 - 2003 Director of the NCO - Gestão de Patrimônios
1989 - 1998 Deputy Director of Banco Comercial Português
Pedro Sousa Mendes

30 years of experience in asset management, investment management and capital markets.

2008-2014 Founding Director of MNF Gestão de Ativos 1990-2008 Director of Sociedade Gestora de Fundos de Investimento
Deeply involved in the development of the derivatives market in Portugal
António Aranha

26 years of experience in private banking, brokerage, derivatives and real estate, mutual and venture capital investment funds.

2016-2017 Vice president of the board of director at LINCE Capital In 2013, he founded an advising company in the area of Real Estate and Tourism
Following a long experience in the Media industry, he founded a newspaper OJE
Guilherme Borba

20 years of experience in various fields such as Asset Management, Media, Real Estate and Tourism

Funds under management

Lynx Assets Managers have more than 40 funds under management representing a volume of €1 074 Million:

Founding members

Luiz Godinho Lopes

Luiz Godinho Lopes (LGL) is a successful entrepreneur involved, in real estate and construction for more than 30 years.

Pedro Mendes Leal

Pedro Mendes Leal (PML) is a board member of A. Silva & Silva Group since 1991, and major shareholder since 2007 (after his well succeeded MBO).

Founding members involvement

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Golden Visa balance between January and August

North American investments more than doubled compared to the €25.1 million (47 gold visas) recorded in the first eight months of 2021. Chinese investment, on the other hand, fell 38% (€106.1 million and 208 ARI).