Golden Visa advantages

Portuguese Passport

After 5 YEARS the GV holder can apply for a portuguese passport.
Or a permanent residency​.

Free Circulation

Golden Visas allows free circulation within the Schengen Area​.

No tax for non-residents

For non-residents tax residents fund subscribers no capital income tax shall apply whereas this tax shall be applied at the rate of 28% for Portuguese tax residents


In order to maintain eligibility, a minimum residency of 7 days in Portugal in the first year, 14 days in the second and 7 days per year thereafter, shall be required​.

28.000 Residence Permits

Since the introduction of the Portuguese Golden Visa Programme, over 28.000 residence permits have been issued (dependent family members included).

Golden Visa Steps

In 72 hours clients can become eligible for obtaining a Golden Visa by way of acquiring IUs from the Fund. The steps to be taken to this end are listed below:​

Portugal elected the best country to live for expats

Good cuisine​

Good infrastructures

Great weather​

Stable environment

Very safe​

Low cost of living​

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Golden Visa balance between January and August

North American investments more than doubled compared to the €25.1 million (47 gold visas) recorded in the first eight months of 2021. Chinese investment, on the other hand, fell 38% (€106.1 million and 208 ARI).