Golden visas: venture capital investment keeps rising

Portugal became in the last years one of the most attractive countries to invest in both tourism and real estate as well as being one of the most attractive European citizenship programs for individuals who search for a plan B or a new passport after 5 years.

The brake on the acquisition of properties to obtain the golden visas in Lisbon and Porto metropolitan areas is, on the other hand, increasing the demand for other ways of obtaining a residence permit (ARI), specifically by venture capital investment. Since January, the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) indicates that it has received more than two hundred requests based on this investment alternative.

When investing with Atlanticorp it is acknowledged that all fund’s assets will be related to Hotels & Residences or simply residential operations. Atlanticorp will make its best efforts to get the subscriber’s advantage on both hotels and property units where Atlanticorp is involved as a shareholder.

The Atlanticorp is today attracting investors to invest in the Fund to simply get the Golden Visa (Investment of €500 000, with an expected 6% – 8% IRR) or to invest in the Fund larger amounts (over€5mm) to diversify their investment/portfolio, into a Fund regulated and free of taxes, where the expected IRR can reach 13-14%.

By investing in the Fund, the investors are involved with some of the most credible and experienced Portuguese developers, in some of the best developments in Portugal, in unique locations, in the exclusive and growing sub-market of international branded Luxury Hotels, Condo- hotels, and Luxury residential.

By investing in the Fund, the investors are eligible to get the Portuguese Golden Visa and later a Portuguese passport.

When investing in Portugal, invest with Atlanticorp!

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The senior vice president credit officer at Moody’s Investors Service, Benjamin Leyre, argued Wednesday that wholesale energy prices will remain lower in Portugal and Spain than in northern Europe.

Golden Visa balance between January and August

North American investments more than doubled compared to the €25.1 million (47 gold visas) recorded in the first eight months of 2021. Chinese investment, on the other hand, fell 38% (€106.1 million and 208 ARI).



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