Subscribers returns

Discounts and Advantages

The Atlanticorp will make its best efforts to get for the subscribers advantage on both hotels and property units where Atlanticorp is involved as shareholder, offering discounts and / or preference right. These advantages on properties will depend on both Atlanticorp shareholder position on each project as well as, in case there is any assessment, theinvestment amount and entry timings of each Atlanticorp subscriber. These details will be defined just after each project is approved by the Municipality

50% of final free cash flow

Once the 2,5% annual yield is paid, 50% of the final free cash flow will be distributed to the subscribers, having a consolidated 6% – 8% annual return as a final target.


The Fund has significant tax advantages. It is exempt from corporate income tax (CIT). Distributions/proceeds to non-resident investors who do not reside in a tax haven jurisdiction shall be exempt from Portuguese Withholding and Capital Gains Tax (on sale of IU’s).​ The Residents will pay a 10% flat rate tax.

2,5% of target annual return

This annual return have a priority over any other distribution.​

Fund returns

Hotel Sales

Upon the fund term, hotels will be sold by a reputable broker in order to obtain the best possible selling price.

A relevant asset gain should be reached considering that assets have been bought during or just after the covid 19 crisis.​

Real estate & Residences Sales

Real Estate & Residence pre-sales and sales will be the main regular income of the fund.​

The high standards of the residences (unique location, branded with international luxury names, premium finishes) will justify fast sales at very high prices.


The second fund´s source of income will be the annual rents paid by the hotel operators for each asset: the better of 60% of AGOP or 3% of acquisition value. On the first year the minimum rent to be paid will be reduced to the best of 60% of the AGOP or 2% of the acquisition value.

Term sheet


CMVM Regulated closed venture capital fund

Investment Scope

Investing in Hotels and / or Hotels with hotel & residences layout potential​

Subscription Period

21 months (until november 2023)

Investment Term

7 years​

Fund Size

Maximum €105 Million

Minimum investment to buy Atlanticorp UPs and to obtain a golden visa

€150 000 and €500 000

Fund Management Annual Fee


Depositary Bank Annual Fee


Annual Anticipated Dividends

2,5 % annual antecipated dividends

Consolidated Annual Return

6% – 8% total consolidated return goals

Investment Term distribution to Subscribers

50% of the final available free cash flow will be distributed to the subscribers

Subscription Fee

€1 000

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