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I. Service Description and Conditions

1. This website is managed by ZYRGON PORTUGAL UNIPESSOAL LDA. with the purpose of informing about activity and investment of ATLANTICORP – FUNDO DE CAPITAL DE RISCO. The information about ATLANTICORP – FUNDO DE CAPITAL DE RISCO products and services, however, does not constitute a contractual proposal or pre-contractual information, and the general conditions of these products and services are regulated in a specific document, which will be made available upon request.

2. Both ZYRGON PORTUGAL UNIPESSOAL LDA. and ATLANTICORP – FUNDO DE CAPITAL DE RISCO reserve the right not to accept any information or elements provided by the user, which may, in their own opinion, infringe any legal or regulatory provisions or even the rights of third parties.

3. The legal provisions mentioned on this website do not exempt te user from consulting the legal rules in force and regulatory documentation, officially approved and published in the original support editions (eg: Technical Sheets, Prospectuses, Regulations, Investment Policy and Investor Information).

II. Disclaimer

4. The information and contents presented on this website are merely informative and cannot be considered as a source of reference or consultation, nor as any type or form of investment recommendation.

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7. Any user may access this website through remote channels and neither ATLANTICORP – FUNDO DE CAPITAL DE RISCO, nor ZYRGON PORTUGAL UNIPESSOAL LDA. shall assume any liability for damages resulting from eventual situations of impossibility, delay, suspension, or interruption in access to the website due to technical failures or other reasons.

III. Privacy Policy

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IV. Copyright

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10. The search and reproduction of excerpts of the website’s information by printing or downloading is allowed, provided that its for personal use and that there is no change in the content contained in the website at any time, and that the indication of the source, the rights of author and the property reference.
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13. ZYRGON PORTUGAL UNIPESSOAL LDA. will periodically review the information, services and resources contained on this website and reserves the right to make any changes without any obligation to notify previous, current or potential visitors.

V. Links to Third Party Websites

14. For the convenience of users, this website may contain links to other websites owned and operated by third parties and not maintained by ZYRGON PORTUGAL UNIPESSOAL LDA. However, even if these third parties are affiliates of ZYRGON PORTUGAL UNIPESSOAL LDA., the latter has no control over these websites, which have privacy practices and personal data collection and autonomous and independent policies. Neither ZYRGON PORTUGAL UNIPESSOAL LDA., nor ATLANTICORP – FUNDO DE CAPITAL DE RISCO, their representatives and/or commercial agents are responsible for the content of any third party websites and does not make any representations.